I am a filmmaker, storyteller, brand strategist, designer, and musician living in San Francisco. My background is diverse, ranging from environmental design, to sound design, to filmmaking. 

I'm currently on the creative team at Stripe as the executive producer of films and brand content.

Throughout my career, I've been lucky enough to be on the ground level of some of the most innovative new tech companies. As an early designer at Facebook, I helped shape the brand voice, build a unique internal company culture through co-founding that Analog Research Laboratory, and led environmental design of company's global offices and headquarters, working with Frank Gehry. 

Nest, I joined the early stage team at Pinterest as their first Brand Manager. There, I hired and managed the brand creative team, and also helped shape the brand strategy. 

I'm currently at Stripe, where I also started on the design team early on. Lately, I've been focusing on producing films about global entrepreneurship; collaborating with filmmakers as well as shooting and editing my own projects.