Bernard Rudofsky  (Austrian-American, 1905–1988) was an architect, curator, critic, exhibition designer, and fashion designer whose entire oeuvre was influenced by his lifelong interest in concepts about the body and the use of our senses. He is best known for his controversial exhibitions and accompanying catalogs, including Are Clothes Modern? (Museum of Modern Art [MoMA], 1944), Architecture without Architects (MoMA, 1964), and Now I Lay Me Down to Eat (Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 1980). He was also famous for his mid-20th-century Bernardo sandal designs, which are popular again today.   
Pinterventions: Turning the Mundane into the Magical
Analog, in a digital world.
Online Identity
A New Class of Social Apps on Facebook
Developing Developers
NFC + Facebook
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Broadening the Audience